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Getting that proposal just right!

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It’s officially engagement season!


One third of proposals each year happen between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve, and 43% between November and February. The MOST popular day to propose is Christmas Eve, so we are in the height of engagement season. Yes, everyone you know DID just get engaged.


If you’re planning a proposal, there’s a lot of pressure on you. (Depending on what you and your fiancé want and have talked about)… there are so many big proposal videos circulating around. You have to think about where, when, what to say, whether to get down on one knee, whether to plan something elaborate or simple, who is going to be around, whether or not to have it photographed, etc. Some girls have some requests like making sure their nails are done so that photo they send to all their friends shows off the ring and their pretty nails don’t distract from the new diamond (or emerald, if you like something off-beat like me!).


Don’t forget – it’s always respectful to talk to the parents first too, especially if that’s something she has expressed to you.


Well… not that I’ve built up the pressure a little bit… I’m here to tear it down. Want to know what went right about our proposal? Nothing. Nothing went as planned. He asked, and I said yes… but it wasn’t on the day John had in mind, or in the place his dad proposed to his mom like he had planned. It wasn’t a surprise like he wanted it to be, and we weren’t alone. But you know what? It was pretty perfect if you ask me.


Since I knew what was happening (oops), I got to pick the place and ask my maid of honor to come take a picture. As he led me by the hand down this little path in Harpers Ferry, we both got REALLY nervous. We knew what he was going to ask and how I would answer… but there was this silence right before where my tummy and knees felt like jelly.


Don’t get caught up in the fads and the elaborate displays of affection and think you have to blow her away with your proposal. What’s going to blow her away is that you ask her to marry you.


That’s all there is to it!


Happy holidays + happy proposing!


Edit – maybe also consider getting that photographed, even if it’s just a friend with a cell phone. Happy to chat about photographing your surprise proposal 😉


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