Hi, I'm Jo!

make your day unforgettable

Hi! My name is Jo, and I am a professional boutonniere pinner, bonus bridesmaid, master timeline creator, and light bender. That's right, a wedding photographer!

My business began back in 2014 when I shot my first wedding after years of dabbling in portrait photography. That year, I fell in love with weddings and have focused on those and other major family milestones ever since. You wouldn't know it, but the same girl who started a licensed business in her dorm room while going to school full time and working too... is such an introvert! Putting my story out here on the web is not easy, but I know it's worth it to put me in touch with my next wonderful couple. Photographing couples and families gives me LIFE. It feel less like a job and more like celebrating with friends every single weekend. Photos (especially prints!) are how we share memories, and I love that I get to give that priceless piece of family history to all my couples! 

My business wouldn't be possible without the unending support of my husband, John.

Three Things I want to share


I obsessively share about my animals, and if given the chance, will talk your ear off about them too! We have five -- three dogs and two cats. They fill our lives and home with energy! Follow my stories on Instagram @photography_byjo for lots of pup-dates from our home.


We are expecting a baby! Sometime in late January or early February of 2019, a little Mahaney will be joining our family. We are so excited to be parents! For my clients, I will continue business as usual this fall, and take a short break from shooting in January through March 2019. I will still be attentive to email and helping my Spring 2019 couples coordinate their days, of course!


I am a planner by nature, and have an unnatural love for spreadsheets, calendars, and nice new stationary or pens. So, part of my service as your wedding photographer is to help you plan the perfect wedding day timeline with time for all your requested photos, gorgeous sunset portraits, and plenty of time to dance the night away with your sweetheart. It's my pleasure to help!