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Hi! My name is Jo Mahaney. In addition to being a wedding photographer, I have become a professional boutonniere pinner, bonus bridesmaid, master timeline creator, manipulator of light, and emotional confidant. Primarily, I am there as your wedding photographer to ensure that--although your memory will fade with time--these photographs serve as vivid reminders of the joy in the season and the relationships that matter most.

Photography by Jo began back in 2014 when I shot my first wedding for my roommates, while still in college. That year, I fell in love with weddings and have focused on those and other major family milestones ever since. Every minute, we are changing and growing. We never get these seconds back, but great photographs tangibly preserve memories of this life's most important moments. The relationships I get to build with my couples are the most rewarding part of being a wedding photographer. Photographing couples and families feels less like a job and more like celebrating with friends every single weekend! Photos (especially prints!) are how we share memories, and I love that I get to give that priceless piece of family history to all my couples!

Lastly, my business wouldn't be possible without the unending support of my husband, John.

Hey, It's me, Jo!


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Finding your wedding vendors should feel like finding your dream team. They should be supportive, informative, and encouraging, in addition to being great at their profession. It's a special honor to be chosen to photograph each couple's union, and it's not lost on me what great trust these brides and grooms have in my ability to handle documenting their wedding day with care. The instant an important moment begins, it's over. I get one chance to document these for you, and I promise to witness your wedding day with reverence, capturing the raw and authentic relationships, interactions, and connection that matter most to you.

While wedding photography is a job to some, to me it is a life calling. There are wedding vendors who do their jobs, and there are wedding vendors who truly serve their clients. As your wedding photographer, I’ll start by giving you resources for mapping out the perfect stress-free timeline, finding other amazing vendors to support your vision, and planning an engagement session that will get you warmed up and ready for the camera on your wedding day. No two wedding days are the same, and I can't wait to hear about yours! 

Shawn & Bri Jordan
Frederick, MD Wedding

You will never find a better photographer. Jo is personable, friendly, and goes the extra mile. We were lucky enough to have her for both our engagement and wedding photos, and they are beyond perfection. Book today...


On wedding days, I am very laid back. I take a photojournalistic approach, not overly posing or directing but capturing the essence of what everyone is feeling throughout the wedding day. I do not take this privilege of documenting your wedding day lightly, and love that you trust me with this process.  

I'm a quiet, encouraging observer.


Dozens and dozens of wedding days have taught me how to handle running late, wardrobe malfunctions, bad weather, family drama, moments of anxiety, and more. Weddings can be stressful, but they don't have to be! I come packing emergency supplies for just about everything, and I promise I am not bothered one bit by your family "wild card." We all have them! Need a minute to breathe? Let's go take some "bridal portraits." I got you.

I'm an over-thinker, and over-preparer. 


I wasn't always, but something happened when I became a mom that totally changed how I view the world. I take the time to grab photos for your parents, grandparents, and for the future family you'll have together. I don't mind extra, last-minute requests. I might tear up during special parental dances at your reception. And, I'm thinking of what your album is going to look like before I even head home.

I am extremely (overly) sentimental


I think I missed my calling in the hospitality industry, but weddings come pretty close! If you follow me on Instagram, you know I LOVE to go all out for my Thanksgiving dinners each year. We just bought a larger home closer to family, and I am so excited to set it up for hosting! Our doors are always open, and not just for close friends and family. Our home is a safe haven and escape for anyone who needs. All are welcome here. 

I love hosting guests and planning events.


My love language is acts of service, and I fill my life with opportunities to serve others. I have been deeply involved in communities that improve birth and support underserved families through birth and postpartum. Our family is becoming a foster family for the second time, to love and support at risk families who need stability. In addition, I have been serving small businesses by consulting on marketing strategy. (Did you know I have a masters degree in marketing?!)

I live a full life.



Some things about me


I was introduced to my husband for the first time when he was the boyfriend of my best friends. Yes, you read that right! At 17 years old, at a New Year's Eve party in someone's shed in the woods in Augusta County. I didn't know then that I'd come to like him at all, much less marry him! I wanted so badly to get out of that tiny town where everyone knew me, get some independence, and thought I'd never look back.

Over the next two years, we started dating, I started my photography business and went off to college. School and work moved us to Hagerstown Maryland, then Charles Town West Virginia, then Winchester Virginia. It wasn't until we had our son, Daniel, in 2019 that we realized how much we actually love Staunton. 

The community, the small town charm, the family-friendly atmosphere, and our little support circle was waiting for us back here. We are so thrilled to be home again! Staunton also has an incredibly unique wedding industry, with its historic venues, creative vendors, and both couples who grew up here and are planning a destination wedding in our historic hometown. I am jumping headfirst into wedding season here!

it's that small town charm

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