Studio Brand Photoshoot for Charlottesville Wedding Photographer

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The joke around the studio is that I accidentally became a brand photographer. And it’s kinda true! Over the last four months, I’ve gotten to photograph eight (!) headshot or brand photoshoots for small business owners and creatives in our downtown Staunton studio at Virginia Creative Collective. What started as offering photo trades with close friends, turned into a whole branch of the business we didn’t expect. I’m finally getting around to showcasing some of that work! It’s on the website now, so I guess I’m officially offering some brand photography options. Here’s a preview of one of our first brand photoshoots, for a Charlottesville based wedding photographer, Lyn Waldrop.

Lyn Waldrop Wedding Photography – Brand Photoshoot

Lyn’s brand photoshoot was somewhat unplanned. We hosted a content day at the studio to help wedding professionals capture everything they needed for fall and winter social media content. As part of this, guests could either bring friends to trade photos with, or book us. Lyn opted to work with us, and I was her in-house photographer. I’m so glad this worked out for us! Since then, we’ve become friends, sent referrals, seen her more in the studio community, and love cheering her along online! Wedding photographer friends are the best and are so necessary to have in this industry.

What makes her brand photos special

It was during this photoshoot that I realized a love for brand photography. No, I’m not leaving weddings behind or scaling back on families. But it pairs so nicely with my passion for helping small business owners create a sound marketing strategy, break into new price brackets, and work through the business side of creative industries. Since this sessions, we’ve been flooded with inquiries and requests for this type of small-but-mighty brand mini photoshoot. Stay tuned! The studio will be offering a huge brand blitz day in January to kick of 2023 with a bang!

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